List of Institutes Participating in CAP
    Important Notes :
  1. Principals / Directors of all the institutes shall personally verify the title of the courses and their sanctioned intakes, medium of instruction shown under their institute title as below.

  2. If all the details are correct as per AICTE/PCI approval, & Govt. Resolution and MSBTE affiliation they should not send any message or email regarding the correctness of the information to the Directorate.

  3. if any discrepancy is found in the course title /sanctioned intake or medium of instruction of the courses, the institute shall immediately send a Email regarding incorrectness of the data on email ID with supporting documents till 17th September 2021 up to 11.00 AM.

  4. If the institute fails to convey the discrepancies if any on the above given email ID in the given timeline, then the shown courses with their intake and medium of instruction are assumed to be correct and admission process will be carried out as per the shown courses and intake.

  5. If the error in course title, intake or medium of instruction is found out at a later stage then the Principal of that institute will be held responsible for the errors and punitive action will be initiated against the institute.

    Instructions :
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Sr. No.Institute CodeInstitute NameStatusTotal Intake
1.1008Government Polytechnic, AmravatiGovernment, Autonomous60
2.1014Geetadevi Khandelwal Institute of Pharmacy, AkolaGovernment-Aided60
3.1115J.S.P Mandal's Sudhakarrao Naik Institute of Pharmacy, Pusad Dist. YavatmalUn-Aided60
4.1131Vidya Bharati College of Pharmacy, AmravatiUn-Aided60
5.1133Anuradha College Of Pharmacy, ChikhliUn-Aided60
6.1134Yavatmal Zilla Vikas Samitee's Pataldhamal Wadhwani College of Pharmacy, YavatmalUn-Aided60
7.1136Dr. Rajendra Gode College of Pharmacy,MalkapurUn-Aided60
8.1155Shikshan Prsarak Mandal's Institute of Pharmacy, WaniUn-Aided60
9.1156Janata Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Sudhakarrao Naik Institute Of Pharmacy, PusadUn-Aided60
10.1157Shri Chhatrapati Shahumaharaj Shikshan Santha's Institute Of Pharmacy, MaregaonUn-Aided60
11.1158Paramhansa Ramkrishna Maunibaba Shikshan Santha's Anuradha College of Pharmacy, ChikhaliUn-Aided60
12.1159Navsanjivan Shikshan Mandal's College of Pharmacy, DharwaUn-Aided60
13.1160Shri.Durgamata Bahuudeshiya Krida and Shaikshanik Sanstha,Ishwar Deshmukh Institute Of Pharmacy, DigrasUn-Aided60
14.1161Matoshri Education Society's Satyajeet College of Pharmacy, Khandala, Akola Road Mehkar, Tq. Mehkar, Dist. BuldhanaUn-Aided60
15.1162Sanjay Rathod Shikshan Sanstha's Manohar Naik Institute of Pharmacy,UmarkhedUn-Aided60
16.1163Mahila Utkarsha Pratishstan's Pharmacy College, Risod, Dist. WashimUn-Aided60
17.1164Shree, Swami Samarth Institute of Pharmacy, at parsodi, Dhamangaon Rly, Dist.AmravatiUn-Aided60
18.1165Dwarka Bahuuddeshiya Gramin Vikas Foundation's Rajashri Shahu College Of Pharmacy, BuldhanaUn-Aided60
19.1167Shri Gurudatta Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha's Late Shri Ramraoji Gawande Institute Of Pharmacy, AkolaUn-Aided60
20.1171Pataldhamal Wadhwani College of Pharmacy, YavatmalUn-Aided60
21.1264Vidarbha Institute of Pharmacy, WashimUn-Aided60
22.1279Dr.R. N. Lahoti Institute of Pharmacy, SultanpurUn-Aided60
23.1280Gawande College of Pharmacy, SakharkherdaUn-Aided60
24.1281Kamalprakash Pharmacy College & Research Centre, KherdaUn-Aided60
25.1282Laddhad College of Pharmacy, Yelgaon, BuldhanaUn-Aided60
26.1283P. R. Pote Patil College of Pharmacy, AmravatiUn-Aided60
27.1284Dr. Rajendra Gode Institute of Pharmacy, AmravatiUn-Aided60
28.1285MES College of Pharmacy, MehkarUn-Aided60
29.1286Institute of Pharmacy & Research, BadneraUn-Aided60
30.1287Raje Laxmansingh Bhosale College of Pharmacy, Hingna BarlingaUn-Aided60
31.1288Vardhaman College of Pharmacy, Karanja (LAD), WashimUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Jain60
32.1290Jagadambha Institute Of Pharmacy And Research, KalambUn-Aided60
33.1291Shri. Sant Gajanan Maharaj College Of Pharmacy, BuldhanaUn-Aided60
34.1293Shraddha Institute Of Pharmacy, WashimUn-Aided60
35.1294Samarth College Of Pharmacy, Deulgaon RajaUn-Aided60
36.1296Dr. Rajendra Gode College Of Pharmacy, AmravatiUn-Aided60
37.1297Vidyaniketan College Of Pharmacy, Anjangaon SurjiUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Buddhist60
38.2022Maulana Azad Education Society's Kamla Nehru Polytechnic(Pharmacy) AurangabadGovernment-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim120
39.2023Jai Bhavani Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Institute Of Pharmacy, Gadhi GeoraiGovernment-Aided60
40.2024Maharashtra Shikshan Samiti's Maharashtra Polytechnic (D. Pharmacy) Institute, Nilanga, LaturGovernment-Aided60
41.2025Panchakshri Shivacharya Trust's Channa Basweshwar Institute Of D. Pharmacy, LaturGovernment-Aided60
42.2026Shri Sharda Bhavan Education Society's Nanded Pharmacy College (Polytechnic), NandedGovernment-Aided60
43.2027Adarsh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Diploma In Pharmacy Institute, OsmanabadGovernment-Aided60
44.2028Marathwada Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Shri Shivaji Institute Of Pharmacy, ParbhaniGovernment-Aided60
45.2118Shree Bhairavnath Nisarg Mandal.'S Diploma In Pharmacy Institute, Hatta, Tal.BasmatUn-Aided60
46.2143Shri Dhaneshwari Manav Vikas Mandal's Diploma In Pharmacy Institute, At Post Gevrai Tanda, Paithan Road, Aurangabad.Un-Aided60
47.2152Shivlingeshwar College of Pharmacy, Almala, Dist. LaturUn-Aided60
48.2154Shri. Dhaneshwari Manav Vikas Mandal's Dr. Vedprakash Patil Pharmacy, College, Gevrai, Aurangabad.Un-Aided60
49.2156Dayanand Education Society's Dayanand College of Pharmacy, LaturUn-Aided60
50.2157Sahyog Sewabhavi Sanstha's Indira College of Pharmacy, NandedUn-Aided60
51.2158Ramchandra Sanskritik Krida Mandal's R.D. Bhakt College of Pharmacy, JalnaUn-Aided60
52.2201Umar Been Khattab Welfare Trust's D. Pharmacy College, Kunjkheda Ta. Kannad Dist. AurangabadUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim60
53.2202Sayli Charitable Trust's College Of Pharmacy, Mitmita, Aurangabad.Un-Aided60
54.2203Bhagwan Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Dr. Y.S. Khedkar College Of Pharmacy, CIDCO, AurangabadUn-Aided60
55.2205Anand Charitable sanstha's College of Pharmacy, Ashti, Dist. BeedUn-Aided60
56.2206Adarsh Shikshan Sansta's Colllege of Pharmacy, BeedUn-Aided60
57.2207Shri Amolak Jain Vidya Prasarak Mandal's Pharmacy College, Kada, Ashti, BeedUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Jain60
58.2208Navgan Shikshan Sanstha's P.V.P. College Of Pharmacy, Patoda, BeedUn-Aided60
59.2209Shree Balaji Shikshan Prasarak's Institute of Pharmacy, Ambejogai, Dist. Beed.Un-Aided60
60.2212Ramchandra Sansrutik Krida Mandal's C.P.College of Pharmacy, JalnaUn-Aided60
61.2213Jalana Education Society's Institute Of Pharmacy,JalnaUn-Aided60
62.2214Mahatma Basveshwar Education Soc., College of Pharmacy, Barshi Road, LaturUn-Aided60
63.2215Shri Vishweshwar Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Swa.Dagdojirao Deshmukh D.Pharmacy College, Ausa,(Almala) Dist. LaturUn-Aided60
64.2216Sahayog Sevabhavi Sanstha's College of Pharmacy, Vishnupuri, Nanded.Un-Aided60
65.2217Jankalyan Vikas Mandal's Lilawati Satish Avhad D. Pharmacy College, Hokarna Tanda, Khed, NandedUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Buddhist60
66.2218Education Society Naigaon Diploma in Pharmacy, Nanded.Un-Aided60
67.2219Shree Bhairavnath Nisarga Mandal's D. Pharmacy College, AalaniUn-Aided60
68.2220Anandgram Krushi Vikas Mandals Late Maharudra Bappa Mote College of Pharmacy, Girwali Tal. BhoomUn-Aided60
69.2222Durgamata Institute Of Pharmacy, (D.Pharm), ParbhaniUn-Aided60
70.2223Vivekvardhini Sevabhavi Sanstha's Diploma Pharmacy College, PingaliUn-Aided60
71.2253Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College ( Degree), LaturUn-Aided60
72.2508GRAMIN TECHNICAL AND MANAGEMENT CAMPUS NANDED. (Bilingual English-Marathi Course)Un-Aided60
73.2514Oyster Institute of Pharmacy, Aurangabad.Un-Aided60
74.2538Latur College of Pharmacy, LaturUn-Aided60
75.2539Rajesh Bhaiyya Tope College of Pharmacy, AurangabadUn-Aided60
76.2541Sarswati Institute of Pharmacy, Kurtadi, HingoliUn-Aided60
77.2542Aditya Diploma Instiute of Pharmacy, BeedUn-Aided60
78.2543Aditya Pharmacy College, BeedUn-Aided60
79.2544Gurukrupa Institute of Pharmacy, MajalgaonUn-Aided60
80.2545Shriganesh Ramchandra Katruwar College of Pharmacy, ManwathUn-Aided60
81.2546College of Pharmacy(D.Pharm), KhandalaUn-Aided60
82.2547Late Bhagirathi Yashwantrao Pathrikar College of D.Pharmacy, PathriUn-Aided60
83.2548Swargiya Lilawati Satish Awhad D.Pharmacy College(Minority), Kharab Khandgaon.Un-Aided, Religious Minority - Buddhist60
84.2549Warpudkar Institute of Pharmacy(D.Pharmacy), PedgaonUn-Aided60
85.2550Prerana Institute of Pharmacy(D.Pharmacy), ParbhaniUn-Aided60
86.2551College of Pharmacy(D.Pharmacy), PathriUn-Aided60
87.2552Savitribai College of Pharmacy, BamaniUn-Aided60
88.2553Latur College of Pharmacy, Gurunathappa Bavage Knowledge CityUn-Aided60
89.2554Mauli College of Pharmacy(B.Pharm), Tondar, UdgirUn-Aided60
90.2555Aditya Institute of Pharmacutical, BeedUn-Aided60
91.2556Rajashri Shahu College of Pharmacy, MarkhelUn-Aided60
92.2557Anand Charitable Sanstha's Gangai Pharmacy College, KadaUn-Aided60
93.2558Dnyansadhana Institute of Pharmacy, DharmapuriUn-Aided60
94.2559Kandhar College of Pharmacy, KandharUn-Aided60
95.2561Rajesh Bhaiyya Tope College of B Pharmacy, Nipani, AurangbadUn-Aided60
96.2563Shri Sai Janvikas Pratisthan's R.P. College of Pharmacy, OsmanabadUn-Aided60
97.2564Shri. Dhaneshwari Manav Vikas Mandal's S.V.P. College of Pharmacy, HingoliUn-Aided60
98.2565Usha Dwarkadas Pathrikar Institute of Pharmacy, Dongargaon KawadUn-Aided60
99.2566Matoshri Institute of Pharmacy, VaijapurUn-Aided60
100.2567Yashodeep Institute of Pharmacy, Pimpalgaon Pandhari, Aurangabad.Un-Aided60
101.2568Shreeyash Institute of Pharmacy, AurangabadUn-Aided60
102.2572Shreeyash Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, AurangabadUn-Aided60
103.2576VSS Institute of Pharmacy, BadnapurUn-Aided60
104.2577Dayanand Education Society's Dayanand Institute of Pharmacy, LaturUn-Aided60
105.2578Godavari Institute of Pharmacy, KolpaUn-Aided60
106.2579D.K. Patil Institute of Pharmacy, Loha, NandedUn-Aided60
107.2580Shri.Ramkrishna Paramhans college of Pharmacy, (D.Pharm), Hasnapur, ParbhaniUn-Aided60
109.2583Swami Vivekanand College of Pharmacy, UdgirUn-Aided60
110.2584Srinath College of Pharmacy, AurangabadUn-Aided60
111.2586Shri. Goraksha College of Pharmacy & Research Centre, Khamgaon, AurangabadUn-Aided60
112.2587Nandkumar Shinde College of Pharmacy, VaijapurUn-Aided60
113.2588Shri Sai College of Pharmacy, Khadala, VaijapurUn-Aided60
114.2589Shri. Sai Janvikas Pratishthan's OJAS College of Pharmacy, JalnaUn-Aided60
117.2593S.R. Institute of Diploma in Pharmacy, UdgirUn-Aided60
118.2594Tatyaraoji More College of Pharmacy, UmergaUn-Aided60
119.2595Uttamrao Deshmukh Institute of Pharmacy, Balsond, HingoliUn-Aided60
120.2596Institute of Pharmacy, BadnapurUn-Aided60
121.2597MDA School of Pharmacy, KolpaUn-Aided60
122.2598Shivai Charitable Trust's College of Pharmacy, Koregaonwadi, UmergaUn-Aided60
123.2600Keshavrao Patil Institute of Pharmacy, OsmanabadUn-Aided60
124.2601Raosaheb Patil Danve College Of Pharmacy, BadnapurUn-Aided60
125.2602Kishori College Of Pharmacy, BeedUn-Aided60
126.2603Mangaldeep Institute Of Pharmacy, AurangabadUn-Aided60
127.2604Nbs Institute Of Pharmacy, AusaUn-Aided60
128.2605JGVVS's Suyash College Of Pharmacy, Warud, JafrabadUn-Aided60
129.2606Ambadasrao Warpudkar Institute Of Pharmacy, WarpudUn-Aided60
130.2607Shenfadu Fakirba Sonawane Institute Of Pharmacy, PhulumbriUn-Aided60
131.2608Shri Sai Institute Of Pharmacy And Research, AurangabadUn-Aided60
132.2609Vasant Pharmacy College KaijUn-Aided60
133.2610Shivprasad College Of Pharmacy, mukhedUn-Aided60
134.2611Kadam College Of Pharmacy, VaijapurUn-Aided60
135.2612Shrimati Latatai Baburao Patil Institute Of Pharmacy, Khandgaon, BendriUn-Aided60
136.2613Valmik Naik College Of Pharmacy, Telwadi, KannadUn-Aided60
137.2614Aurangabad Pharmacy College, MitmitaUn-Aided, Relogious Minority Muslim & Linguistic Minority Urdu60
138.2615Kohinoor Education Society's Kohinoor Institute Of D Pharmacy, KhuldabadUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim60
139.2617Ismail Mehta College Of Pharmacy, AmbadUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim60
140.2618Shri Sambhaji College Of Pharmacy, NandedUn-Aided60
141.2619Shramjivi Shikshan Prasarak Mandals Shramjivi College Of Pharmacy, UmergaUn-Aided60
142.2620Rashtriya College of Pharmacy, Hatnoor, KannadUn-Aided60
143.2621MDA School of Hotel Management and Research, Kasarkheda, LaturUn-Aided60
144.3009Government Polytechnic, RatnagiriGovernment30
145.3027Premlila Vithaldas Polytechnic(Womens),MumbaiGovernment-Aided, Autonomous40
146.3039Hydrabad (Sind) National Collegiate K.M.Kundanani Pharmacy Polytechnic,Ulhasnagar Dist-ThaneGovernment-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Sindhi60
147.3163Shri Angarsiddha Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Diploma In Pharmacy Institute,Sangulwadi,Tal-VaibhavwadiUn-Aided60
148.3186Indrayani Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Shri Pushpasen Sawant College of Diploma Pharmacy,KudalUn-Aided60
149.3205Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Pharmacy, Belapur, Navi MumbaiUn-Aided60
150.3225Saraswathi Vidya Bhavan's College of Pharmacy, DombivliUn-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Tamil60
151.3233Govindrao Nikam College Of Pharmacy, SawardeUn-Aided60
152.3235Gahlot Institute of Pharmacy, Koparkhairane, Navi MumbaiUn-Aided60
153.3236Konkan Gyanpeeth Rahul Dharkar College of Pharmacy & Research Institute, Karjat, Dahivali, Karjat Dist. RaigadUn-Aided60
154.3239Prabhodhan Shikshan Prasarak Sanshta's Indira Institute of Pharmacy, SadavaliUn-Aided60
155.3240Aldel Education Trust's St. John Institute of Pharmacy and Research, Vevoor, PalgharUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Christian60
156.3241Vighnarta Trust, Shivajirao Jondhale College of Pharmacy, ShahapurUn-Aided60
157.3290Sahyadri Shikshan Sanstha's College of Pharmacy SawardeUn-Aided60
158.3291Mandar Education Society's College of Pharmacy(Diploma), PedhambeUn-Aided60
159.3292Navyug Vidyapeeth Trust's Institute of Pharmacy,Mahad, RaigadUn-Aided60
160.3293Mumbai Education Trust's Institute Of Pharmacy, MumbaiUn-Aided60
161.3294National Centre For Rural Development's Institute Of Pharmacy , Nerul, Navi MumbaiUn-Aided60
162.3296Saraswati Education Society's Yadavrao Tasgaonkar Institute Of Pharmacy(Diploma), Bhivpuri, KarjatUn-Aided60
163.3297Adarsh Shikshan Mandal's Ideal College Of Pharmacy, KalyanUn-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Hindi60
164.3298Bhartiya Education Soc.'s Institute of Pharmacy, Velshet, Tal. Roha, Dist. RaigadUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Jain60
165.3307Nagrik Shikshan Sanstha's College of PharmacyUn-Aided60
166.3428Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Pharmacy, Belapur Navi MumbaiUn-Aided60
167.3480Yashwantrao Bhonsale College of Pharmacy, A/P Charathe, SawantwadiUn-Aided60
168.3485St. Wilfred's Institute of Pharmacy, PanvelUn-Aided60
169.3486Shree Saraswati Institute of Pharmacy, At Post Tondavali, KankavaliUn-Aided60
170.3487Ideal Institute of Pharmacy, WadaUn-Aided60
171.3489Yashwantrao Bhonsale College of D. Pharmacy, Charathe VazarwadiUn-Aided60
172.3490VP College of Pharmacy, Madkhol, SawantwadiUn-Aided60
173.3492SBNM College of Pharmacy(D.Pharmacy), MahadUn-Aided60
174.3493Shri Angarsiddha Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's ASPM College of Pharmacy, SangulwadiUn-Aided60
175.3499M.S. College Of Pharmacy, DevgharUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim60
176.3500Vijayrao Naik College Of Pharmacy, ShirvalUn-Aided60
177.3501Siddhis Institute Of Pharmacy, NandgaonUn-Aided60
178.3504Raigad College Of Pharmacy, MohopreUn-Aided60
179.3505Abhinav Institute Of Pharmacy, ChinchpadaUn-Aided60
180.3508B.K. Patil Institute of Pharmacy, Taloja, PanvelUn-Aided60
181.3509Indala Institute of Pharmacy, Bapsai, KalyanUn-Aided60
182.3511DPO's Nett College of Pharmacy, ThaneUn-Aided60
183.4019Nagar Yuvak Shikshan Sanstha Adv. V.R.Manohar Institute Of Diploma In Pharmacy, NagpurGovernment-Aided60
184.4020Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Smt. Kusumtai Wankhede Institute of Pharmacy, KatolGovernment-Aided60
185.4021Vidharbha Youth Welfare Society's Institute of Diploma in Pharmacy Borgaon Meghe,WardhaGovernment-Aided60
186.4022Government Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, NagpurGovernment60
187.4161Jay Mahakali Shikshan Sanstha's Agnihotri College of Pharmacy, WardhaUn-Aided60
188.4164Lokmanya Tilak Jankalyan Shikshan Sanstha's , Priyadarshini J.L.Chaturvedi College of Pharmacy(Diploma), Nagpur Un-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Hindi60
189.4199S.Patil Shikshan Sanstha's Smt. Kishoritai Bhoyar College of Pharmacy,KampteeUn-Aided60
190.4206Amar Seva Mandal's, Kamla Nehru College of Pharmacy, Butibori, NagpurUn-Aided60
191.4210Shree Tuljabhavani Sevabhavi Saikshanik & Samajik Sanstha, Hi-Tech College of Pharmacy, Morwa, ChandrapurUn-Aided60
192.4213Mahila Vikas Sanstha, Dr. R.G. Bhoyar Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, WardhaUn-Aided60
193.4260Sikh Education Society's Gurunanak Technical Institute of Pharmacy, NagpurUn-Aided60
194.4261Shri Bhawabhuti Shikshan Sanstha's Shri Laxmanrao Mankar Institute Of Pharmacy, AmgoanUn-Aided60
195.4262Ravi Bahu-Uddeshiya Shikshan Sanstha's Ravi Institute Of Diploma In Pharmacy, Mahadula, Devi Road, KoradiUn-Aided60
196.4263Shri Sadashivrao Patil Shikshan Sanstha's shrimati shantabai patil Institute of Diploma in Pharmacy, KampteeUn-Aided60
197.4264Gondiya Education Society's Manoharbhai Patel Institute of Pharmacy, GondiaUn-Aided60
198.4266Mehmuda Shikshan & Mahila Gr. Vikas Bahu. Sanstha's Central India Institute Of Pharmacy, NagpurUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim60
199.4267Yashodhara Bajaj College of Pharmacy, ChandrapurUn-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Hindi60
200.4268Wainganga Bahu-uddeshiya Vikas Sanstha,s Bajiraoji Karanjekar College of Pharmacy, SakoliUn-Aided60
201.4269Shri.Sadashivrao Patil Shikshan Sanstha's Anurag College Of Pharmacy , Warathi, BhandaraUn-Aided60
202.4270Backward Class Youth Relief Committee's Institute of D. Pharmacy, NagpurUn-Aided60
203.4271Jai Mahakali Shikshan Sanstha's Agnihotri Institute of Diploma in Pharmacy, WardhaUn-Aided60
204.4272Bhausaheb Mulak Charitable Trust 'S Bhausaheb Mulak College Of D. Pharmacy, Umred, NagpurUn-Aided60
205.4274Abhinav Bahuuddeshiya's Siddhivinayak College Of Pharmacy, Warora, Dist. ChandrapurUn-Aided60
206.4275Mahatma Phule Samata Shikshan Sanstha's K.D. Pawar College of Pharmacy, Saoner,NagpurUn-Aided60
207.4276Mahila Vikas Sanstha's Dr. R.G. Bhoyar Institute Of Pharmacy, WardhaUn-Aided60
208.4277Sudam Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Shree Babasaheb Gharfalkar College Of Pharmacy, Nachangaon, PulgaonUn-Aided60
209.4278Young Engineers Education Society's Maharashtra Institute Of Pharmacy, Betada, Bramhapuri, ChandrapurUn-Aided60
210.4279Sanmarg Shikshan Sanstha's K.R.Pandav Institute Of Pharmacy, NagpurUn-Aided60
211.4280Krushna Sahyogi Tantra Shikshan Sanstha's Chatrapati Shivaji College Of Pharmacy, Devari, Tal. Devari, Dist.GondiyaUn-Aided60
212.4281Shri Sachhidanand Shikshan Santha's Taywade Institute Of Diploma In Pharmacy, Koradi, Kamptee,Dist.NagpurUn-Aided60
213.4283Swa. Madhukarrao Deshmukh Education Society, Shree Sadguru Datta Institute of Pharmacy, BhajapurUn-Aided60
214.4640Abdul Majeed Central Education Society, Institute of Pharmacy, LonaraUn-Aided60
215.4641Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Institute of D-Pharmacy, Sewagram, WardhaUn-Aided60
216.4643Maharashtra Institute of Pharmacy (Betada), BrambhapuriUn-Aided60
217.4644Dadasaheb Balpande College of Diploma in Pharmacy, (DBCDIP) NagpurUn-Aided60
218.4650P.R.Patil Institute of Pharmacy, Talegaon(SP),Wardha Un-Aided60
219.4651Central India College of Pharmacy(D.Pharm), Nagpur Un-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim60
220.4652Mouda College of Pharmacy, Mauda NagpurUn-Aided60
221.4654NEW MONTFORT INSTITUTE OF PHARMACY, ASHTIUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim60
222.4655Dr.Arun Motghare Diploma in Pharmacy, Kosara, KondaUn-Aided60
223.4656Nagpur College Of Pharmacy, HinganaUn-Aided60
224.4657Dr R G Bhoyar Institute Of Pharmacy, Seloo, Dist WardhaUn-Aided60
225.4659Shri Sai College Of Pharmacy, MoudaUn-Aided60
226.4660Gondia College Of Pharmacy, ChulodUn-Aided60
227.5005NDMVP Samaj's College of Pharmacy, NashikGovernment-Aided60
228.5008Government Polytechnic, JalgaonGovernment60
229.5012Pravara Rural Education Society's Pravara Rural College Of Pharmacy, PravaranagarGovernment-Aided60
230.5013Mahatma Gandhi Taluka Shikshan Mandal's Sharadchandrika S. Patil Inst of Technology, ChopdaGovernment-Aided60
231.5014Anjuman Imdadut Tulba's Institute Of Pharmacy, Malegaon(Nashik)Government-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim60
232.5155Dhulia Charitable Society's Annasaheb Ramesh Ajmera College of Pharmacy, NagaonUn-Aided60
233.5186R. C. Patel Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, ShirpurUn-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Gujarathi60
234.5187MGSM's Smt. Sharadchandrika Suresh Patil College of Pharmacy, ChopdaUn-Aided60
235.5189P.S.G.V.P.M.'s College of Pharmacy, ShahadaUn-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Gujar60
236.5192SNJB's Shriman Sureshdada Jain College of Pharmacy, Neminagar, Chandwad, NashikUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Jain60
237.5193Mula Education Society's College of Pharmacy.SonaiUn-Aided60
238.5195Sanjivani Rural Education Society's Sanjivani College of Pharmaceutical & Research, KopargaonUn-Aided60
239.5197Jagdamba Education Soceity,S.N.D. College of Pharmacy Babhulgaon, NashikUn-Aided60
240.5203K.B.H.S.S. Trust's Institute of Pharmacy, Malegaon Camp, Malegaon, NashikUn-Aided60
241.5204Nagaon Education Society Gangamai College of Pharmacy, Nagaon,DhuleUn-Aided60
242.5207MET's, Institute of Pharmacy,Bhujbal Knowledge City, Metleague Colleges, Adgaon, NashikUn-Aided60
243.5209Kai Yashodabai Dagadu Saraf Charitable Trust's College of Pharmacy, SakegaonUn-Aided60
244.5264Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir's Institute Of Industrial & Pharmaceutical Technology, NashikUn-Aided60
245.5265Dhule Charitable Society's Institute of Pharmacy, DhuleUn-Aided60
246.5266Tapi Valley Education Society's Institute of Pharmacy,FaizpurUn-Aided60
247.5267Kisan Vidya Prasarak Sanstha's, Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar College of Pharmacy,BoradiUn-Aided60
248.5268Shree Neminath Jain Brahmacharyashram Jain Gurukul's Shri.Deepchand Fakirchand Lodha Pharmacy Institute, ChandwadUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Jain60
249.5270Shri.Tilok Jain Dnyan Prasarak Mandal's Anand Colleges of Pharmacy, Pathardi, Ahmednagar Un-Aided, Religious Minority - Jain60
250.5272Nandurbar Taluka Vidhayak Sanstha's Institute of Pharmacy,NandurbarUn-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Hindi60
251.5273Late Shree Yashwantrao Chavan MMRDF Yashwantrao Chavan College of Pharmacy, AhmednagarUn-Aided60
252.5274Nashik District Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj's Institute Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Adgaon, NashikUn-Aided60
253.5275Kisan Dnanodaya Mandal's Institute Of Pharmacy, Chalisgaon, JalgaonUn-Aided60
254.5276Khandesh Education Society's Late Shri. Pandharinath Chhagansheth Bhandarkar College of D. Pharmacy, AmalnerUn-Aided60
255.5277Mula Education Soceity,Mula Rural Institute of Pharmacy,Sonai, Tal. Newasa Dist. AhmednagarUn-Aided60
256.5278The Shirpur Education Society's R.C.Patel Institute Of Pharmacy, ShirpurUn-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Gujarathi60
257.5279Jagdamba Education Society's S.N.D. Diploma College of Pharmacy,YeolaUn-Aided60
258.5280Sanjivani Rural Education Society's Sanjivani Institute Of Pharmacy And Research, KopargaonUn-Aided60
259.5281Mahavir Institute Of Pharmacy, NashikUn-Aided60
260.5282Jamia Isalamia Isha-atul Uloom's Ali-Allana College of Pharmacy, AkkalkuwaUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim60
261.5283Jijamata Vidyapeeth's Shree. P.E.(Tatya) Patil Institute of Pharmacy, JalgaonUn-Aided60
262.5284Sau Mathurabai Bhausaheb Thorat Sevabhavi Trust 'S Sau. Mathurabai Bhausaheb Thorat Institute Of D. Pharmacy,Un-Aided60
263.5285Kakasaheb Mhaske Memorial Medical Foundation's Kakasaheb Mhaske College Of Pharmacy, Nagapur, AhmednagarUn-Aided60
264.5286Swami Vivekanand Sanstha's Insttitute Of Pharmacy, MalegaonUn-Aided60
265.5287Amrutvahini Sheti & Shikshan Vikas Sanstha`S Amrutwahini Institute Of Pharmacy, SangamnerUn-Aided60
266.5288Adivasi Deomogara Edu. Society's K. D. Gavit D.Pharmacy College, Pathrai, Tal.Dist.-NandurbarUn-Aided60
267.5289Shree Gurudatta shikshan sanstha's Pharmacy College, Kalwan, Dist. NashikUn-Aided60
268.5290Shellino Education Society's NanaSaheb R.G.Patil Institute Of Pharmacy,Mamurabad, JalgaonUn-Aided60
269.5291Shirpur Education Society's H.R. Patel Institute of Pharmacy, Shirpur, DhuleUn-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Gujarathi60
270.5292Matoshri Education Society's MABD Diploma College Of Pharmacy,Bhabulgaon, Yeola, Dist. NashikUn-Aided60
271.5293Nagaon Education Soc., Gangamai Institute of Pharmacy, Nagaon, Dist. DhuleUn-Aided60
272.5294Godavari Shikshan Mandal's Asian Institute of Pharmacy, Nashik.Un-Aided60
273.5295Sanjay Edu.Soc.'s S.E.S. Institute of Pharmacy, Balapur(Phagane), DhuleUn-Aided60
274.5296Navmaharahstra Shikshan Mandal's Abasaheb kakade Pharmacy College, Bodhegaon, AhmednagarUn-Aided60
275.5297Sangamner Medical foundation & Research Institute, Wamanrao Ithape Pharmacy College, Sangamner, Dist. AhmednagarUn-Aided60
276.5300Shraddha Rural Medical Social Welfare & Education's Sahakar Maharshi Kisanrao Varal Patil College Of Pharmacy, Nighoj, Tal.Parner, Dist. AhmednagarUn-Aided60
277.5301Shri.Krishna Educational & Cultural Mandal,Shri.Gulabrao Deokar Institute of Pharmacy & Research Centre, JalgaonUn-Aided60
278.5302Mahatma Gandhi Vidya Mandir Institute Of Hotel Management And Catering Technology,NashikUn-Aided60
279.5303Hon. Shri. Babanrao Pachpute Vichardhara Trust, Group of Institutions (Integrated Campus)-Parikrama, Kashti Shrigondha, Un-Aided60
280.5379Jamia Isalamia Isha-atul Uloom's Jamia College of Pharmacy, Akkalkuwa.Un-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim60
281.5391Sandip Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, Nashik.Un-Aided60
282.5403Samarth Institute of Pharmacy, KavatheUn-Aided60
283.5405Matoshri College of Pharmacy, Eklahare, NashikUn-Aided60
284.5407J.E.S.S. College of Pharmacy, NandurbarUn-Aided60
285.5410Gokhale Education Society's Sir Dr. M.S.Gosavi College of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, NashikUn-Aided60
286.5421Pravara Rural Education Society's College of PHarmacy (D.Pharm), ChincholiUn-Aided60
287.5422Parikrama Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science, Kashti, Tal Shrigonda Un-Aided60
288.5424Pratibhatai Pawer College of Pharmacy, ShrirampurUn-Aided60
289.5425Pravara Rural Education Society's Institute of Pharmacy, Loni KdUn-Aided60
290.5427R.G.Sapkal Institute of Pharmacy, AnjaneriUn-Aided60
291.5428Ahinsa Institute of Pharmacy, DondaichaUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Jain60
292.5429Mahatma Gandhi Vidya Mandir's Institute of Pharmacy(D.Pharmacy), MalegaonUn-Aided60
293.5430Swami Institute of Pharmacy, AbhonaUn-Aided60
294.5432R.M.S. Institute of Pharmacy, Sayane KhurdUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim60
295.5435Prof. Ravindra Nikam College of Pharmacy, Gondur, DhuleUn-Aided60
296.5436Seva Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Dr. N.J. Paulbudhe College of Pharmacy (Diploma), AhmednagarUn-Aided60
297.5437Trimurti Institute of Pharmacy, Paldhi (BK), JalgaonUn-Aided60
298.5438N D Kasar College of Pharmacy, Walki, AhmednagarUn-Aided60
299.5439Dr Naikwadi College of D Pharmacy, Jamgaon SinnarUn-Aided60
300.5440Shaineshwar Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's College of D. Pharmacy, Laling, DhuleUn-Aided60
301.5442MET's Institute of D. Pharmacy, Adgaon, NashikUn-Aided60
302.5443Divine College of Pharmacy, SatanaUn-Aided60
303.5446Matoshri Miratai Aher College of Pharmacy, Karjule Harya Taluka ParnerUn-Aided60
304.5448Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal's Institute of Pharmacy, DhuleUn-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Gujarathi60
305.5450K. K. Wagh College of Pharmacy, NashikUn-Aided60
306.5452Rupesh Badhan Institute of Pharmacy, PimpalnerUn-Aided60
307.5454Shantiniketan College of Pharmacy, AhmednagarUn-Aided60
308.5455Shram Sadhana Bombay Trust's Institute of Pharmacy, Bambhori, JalgaonUn-Aided60
309.5458Shri. Prakashchand Jain College of Pharmacy & Research, PalaskhedaUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Jain60
311.5460Dr. Kolpe Institute of Pharmacy, KolpewadiUn-Aided60
312.5461Arihant College of Pharmacy, AhmednagarUn-Aided60
313.5463K. K. Wagh Institute of Pharmacy, ChandoriUn-Aided60
314.5464Vidya Niketan Institute of Pharmacy & Research Center, BotaUn-Aided60
315.5465Ratnadeep College of Pharmacy, Ratnapur, Taluka Jamkhed, Dist. AhmednagarUn-Aided60
316.5466Shiva Trust, Shivajirao Pawar College of Pharmacy, At-Pachegaon, Tq.Newsa, AhmednagarUn-Aided60
317.5467Shastry Institute of Pharmacy, ErandolUn-Aided60
318.5468Matoshri Education Society's Matoshri Institute of Pharmacy, DhanoreUn-Aided60
319.5469P. G. College Of Pharmaceutical Science And Research, ChaupaleUn-Aided60
320.5470Bankar Patil College Of Pharmacy, YeolaUn-Aided60
321.5471Saikrupa Institute Of Pharmacy, Ghargaon, Tal.ShrigondaUn-Aided60
322.5472Sumantai Institute Of Pharmacy, Bamrud(Kh)Un-Aided60
323.5473Dr Uttamrao Mahajan College Of B Pharmacy ChalisgaonUn-Aided60
324.5474Kvn Naik S P Santha's Institute Of Pharmaceutical Education And Research NashikUn-Aided60
325.5475Ravindra Vidya Prasarak MandalUn-Aided60
326.5476Jmct Institute Of Pharmacy, NashikUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim60
327.5477Rashtrasant Janardhan Swami College Of Pharmacy, KokamthanUn-Aided60
328.5478Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal N N Sattha College Of Pharmacy, AhmednagarUn-Aided60
329.5479Ashvin College of Pharmacy, Manchi HillUn-Aided60
330.5480Matoshri Radha College Of D.Pharmacy, VirgaonUn-Aided60
331.5481Mrs. Saraswati Wani College Of D. Pharmacy, At GanegaonUn-Aided60
332.5482Dr Ithape Institute Of D Pharmacy SangamnerUn-Aided60
333.5483Pravara Medical Trust College Of Pharmacy, ShevgaonUn-Aided60
334.5484Shri Swami Samarth Institute Of Pharmacy, Malwadi, BotaUn-Aided60
335.5485Mula Education Society's Sharda College Of Pharmacy, Vadgaon GuptaUn-Aided60
336.5486Aditya Institute of Pharmacy, ChalisgaonUn-Aided60
337.5487Shri. Sai Samarth Institute of Pharmacy, BhadgaonUn-Aided60
338.5488Shree Panchavati Education Society's Institute of Pharmacy, NashikUn-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Gujarathi60
339.5489 Ratnadeep Pharmacy College, Ratnapur, Taluka Jamkhed, Dist. AhmednagarUn-Aided60
340.6008Government College of Pharmacy, KaradGovernment60
341.6023Kolhapur District Chemist Asso. Inst. Of Pharmacy, KolhapurGovernment-Aided60
342.6024Bharti Vidyapeeth's Institute of Pharmacy (Aided Wing), PuneGovernment-Aided60
343.6025Shri Swami Vivekanand Shikshan Santha's Institute Of Pharmacy,MirajGovernment-Aided60
344.6026Dakshin Solapur Taluka Shikshan Mandal's College Of Pharmacy (Poly), SolapurGovernment-Aided60
345.6027Maharashtra State Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology,PuneGovernment, Autonomous60
346.6125Poona District Education Association, Shankarrao Ursal College of Pharmacy(Diploma), Kharadi, Tal: HaveliUn-Aided60
347.6126Shree Santkrupa Shikshan Sanstha's College of Pharmacy(Diploma),Ghogaon,SataraUn-Aided60
348.6237Deccan Education Society's Technical Institute ,PuneGovernment-Aided40
349.6256Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Pharmacy, KolhapurUn-Aided60
350.6260Rajgad Dnyanpeeth's College of Pharmacy, BhorUn-Aided60
351.6357Tatyasaheb Kore College of Pharmacy, WarananagarUn-Aided60
352.6359Alard Charitable Trust's Alard College of Pharmacy, Marunje, Hinjewadi, PuneUn-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Hindi60
353.6360Chanakya Education. Soceity's, Indira College of Pharmacy, Tathawade, PuneUn-Aided60
354.6364Progressive Education Society's Modern College of Pharmacy( for Women), Moshi.(Tal.Haveli)Un-Aided60
355.6371Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Pharmacy , Akurdi, PuneUn-Aided60
356.6372Poona District Education Association's Seth Govind Raghunath Sable College of Pharmacy , Saswad, PuneUn-Aided60
357.6373Shri Chatrapati Sambhaji Shikshan Sanstha's Sitabai Thite College of Pharmarcy, Shirur, (Ghodnadi). PuneUn-Aided60
358.6375Dr. D.Y. Patil Unitech Society's Dr. D.Y. Patil Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Research, Pimpri, PuneUn-Aided60
359.6380Marathwada Mitra Mandal's College of Pharmacy,Thergaon( Kalewadi) ,PuneUn-Aided60
360.6383Kasturi Shikshan Sansthas College of Pharmacy, ShikrapurUn-Aided60
361.6384Genba Education Trust, Genba Sopanrao Moze College of Pharmacy, WagholiUn-Aided60
362.6388Shri Appasaheb Birnale College of Pharmacy, SangliUn-Aided60
363.6389K.E. Socities. Rajarambapu College of Pharmacy, Kasegaon, SangliUn-Aided60
364.6393Samarth Education Trust Arvind Gavali college of Pharmacy, SataraUn-Aided60
365.6397Shri. Vitthal Edu. & Research's College of Pharmacy, Gopalpur, PandharpurUn-Aided60
366.6398Shikshan & Krishi Vikas Pratishtan's Sahyadri College of Pharmacy, Methavade, Ta.:Sangola, Dist.: SolapurUn-Aided60
367.6401Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's College of Pharmacy, AklujUn-Aided60
368.6478Bharti Vidyapeeths Institute of Pharmacy (Un Aided Wing), PuneUn-Aided60
369.6479Satara Education Society's Late Suman Dhekane Department Of Pharmacy, SataraUn-Aided60
370.6480Poona District Education Association Seth Govind Raghunath Sable College of Pharmacy(Poly),Saswad, PuneUn-Aided60
371.6481Shahu Chatrapati Shikshan Sanstha's Rajarshi Shahu Chhatrapati Institute Of Pharmacy, KolhapurUn-Aided60
372.6482Shri. Balasaheb Mane Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Ambap's, Ashokrao Mane Institute of Diploma in Pharmacy, VadgaonUn-Aided60
373.6483Dr. J. J. Magdum Charitable Trust's Dr. J.J. Magdum Pharmacy CollegeUn-Aided60
374.6485Vishal Junnar Seva Mandal's Institute of Pharmacy,Ale, PuneUn-Aided60
375.6487Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Jayawant Institute Of Pharmacy, PuneUn-Aided60
376.6488Mayani Bhag Shikshan Prasark Mandal's College Of Pharmacy (D.Pharm.) Mayani Tal-Khatav Dist-SataraUn-Aided60
377.6489Gourishankar Education Society's College Of Pharmacy (D.Pharm.), Degaon, SataraUn-Aided60
378.6490Gouri Shankar Education Society's College Of Pharmacy (D. Pharm.), Limb, SataraUn-Aided60
379.6491Shri Y.S.P.Mandal's Vasantidevi Patil Institute of Pharmacy , Kodoli, Dist.KolhapurUn-Aided60
380.6492Samarth Educational Trust's, Sawkar Pharmacy College, Jaitapur, Satara 415004Un-Aided60
381.6493Vishal Junner Seva Mandal's Institute of Pharmacy for Women, Ale,PuneUn-Aided60
382.6494Dr J J Magdum Trust's Anil Alias Pintu Magdum Memorial Pharmacy College, Dharangutti,Tal-Shirol, Dist, KolhapurUn-Aided60
383.6495Dr. D. Y. Patil Pratishthan's Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute Of Pharmacy, Akurdi, PuneUn-Aided60
384.6496Meruling Shikshan Sanstha's Diploma In Pharmacy, Medha,Satara Un-Aided60
385.6497Gulabrao Patil Memorial Trust, Gulabrao Patil College of Pharmacy, MirajUn-Aided60
386.6498Sharadchandra Pawar Institute of Pharmacy,Dhumberwadi, JunnarUn-Aided60
387.6499Shri. Jain Vidya Prasarak Mandal, Rasiklal M.Dhariwal College Of Pharmacy, Pune Un-Aided, Religious Minority - Jain60
388.6501Shri Dhanlaxmi Foundation, Karad's Late Adv. Dadasaheb Chavan Memorial Institute of Pharmacy, Malwadi-MasurUn-Aided60
389.6503Shree Ambabai Talim Sanstha's Diploma In Pharmacy ,Wanlesswadi, Miraj, SangliUn-Aided60
390.6504Yashoda Shikshan Prasarak mandal's Sojar College of Pharmacy, Khandvi, Barshi, SolapurUn-Aided60
391.6505Shri Vithal Education & Research Institute's, College of Pharmacy(Poly.), PandharpurUn-Aided60
392.6506Jayawant Shikshan Prasark Mandal's Jaywantrao Sawant Institute Of Pharmacy, Hadapsar, PuneUn-Aided60
393.6509Walwa Taluka Education Societys S D Patil Institute of Pharmacy Urun IslampurUn-Aided60
394.6510Shriram Shikshan Sanstha's College of Pharmacy, Paniv, Malshiras, Dist. SolapurUn-Aided60
395.6511Rajmata Jijau Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Institute Of Pharmacy,Haveli, PuneUn-Aided60
396.6512Shivneri Foundation's Shivneri Institute Of Pharmacy, Khanapur, Junna.Un-Aided60
397.6513Lokseva Pratisthan's Lokseva College Of Pharmacy, Phulgaon, Haveli, PuneUn-Aided60
398.6514Abhinav Education Society's College Of Pharmacy, Narhe, Tal. Haveli, Dist. PuneUn-Aided60
399.6515Chaudhary Attarsingh Yadav Memmorial Education Trust's Siddhant College Of Pharmacy, Sudumbare, MavallUn-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Hindi60
400.6516Krishna Charitable Trust's Krishna College of Pharmacy, Malkapur, Karad.Un-Aided60
401.6519Loknete Maa. Hanumantrao Patil Charitable Trust's Adarsh Institute Of Pharmacy, VitaUn-Aided60
402.6520Sant Gajanan Maharaj Rural Hospital And Research Centre's Sant Gajanan Maharaj Rural Pharmacy College, Mahagaon, KolhapurUn-Aided60
403.6522Shriram Education Society's Sau. Venutai Chauhan Pharmacy College, PhaltanUn-Aided60
404.6523Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society, Institute Of Pharmacy(Diploma), Azam Campaus , PuneUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim60
405.6524Rameshwari Mauli Prathishtan of Bhalchnadra Institute of Pharmacy, PuneUn-Aided60
406.6616Sant Gajanan Maharaj College of Pharmacy, GadhinglajUn-Aided60
407.6736Shivnagar Vidya Prasarak Manda'ls Institute Of Pharmacy MalegaonUn-Aided60
408.6757Yashoda Technical Campus, Wadhe, Satara.Un-Aided60
409.6820Adarsh College of Pharmacy, Vita Dist. SangliUn-Aided60
411.6829Womens College of Pharmacy,Peth Vadgaon, Tq - HatkanangaleUn-Aided60
412.6833Dattakala College of Pharmacy, Chincholi, DaundUn-Aided60
413.6835Gandhi Natha Rangji College of Diploma Pharmacy, SolapurUn-Aided60
414.6879Loknete Shri. Dadapatil Pharate College of Pharmacy, At Post Manadavgan Pharata, Tal.Shirur, Dist. PuneUn-Aided60
415.6886Nootan College of Pharmacy, Kavathe-mahankal, SangliUn-Aided60
416.6887Mahalaxmi Institute of Pharmacy, Raigaon, Dist.SataraUn-Aided60
417.6889Annasaheb Dange College of D. Pharmacy, Ashta, SangliUn-Aided60
418.6890Teerthankar Education Society's Dr. Shivajirao Kadam College of B.Pharmacy, Kasbe Digraj SangliUn-Aided60
419.6891Eklavya College of Pharmacy, Tasgaon , SangliUn-Aided60
420.6892Anusaya Institute of Pharmacy, Swami-Chincholi , Tal .Daund, Pune. Un-Aided60
421.6893Sant Dnyaneshwar Shikshan Sanstha, Annasaheb Dange College of B.Pharmacy, Ashta, SangliUn-Aided60
422.6900Yashwant Redekar College Of Pharmacy B. Pharm. And D. Pharm., NesariUn-Aided60
423.6903Indrayani Vidya Mandir's Indrayani Institute of Pharmacy, Talegaon DabhadeUn-Aided60
424.6904Anandi Pharmacy College, Kalambe Tarf KaleUn-Aided60
425.6905Navsahyadri Institute of Pharmacy, Naigaon( Nasarapur), PuneUn-Aided60
426.6906Delight College of Pharmacy, Koregaon BhimaUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim60
427.6907Sarogini College of Pharmacy, KolhapurUn-Aided60
428.6908Ashokrao Mane Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Research, SaveUn-Aided60
429.6909Y.D. Mane Institute of Pharmacy, Kagal, KolhapurUn-Aided60
430.6910Samarth Institute of Pharmacy, Belhe , JunnarUn-Aided60
431.6911Zadbuke Institute of Pharmacy, PuriUn-Aided60
432.6914Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Research for Girls, (Bhigwan), DaundUn-Aided60
435.6918Jijamata College of Pharmacy, SaratiUn-Aided60
436.6921Elixir Institute of Pharmacy, PuneUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Jain60
437.6922Siddhant School of Pharmacy ( Women ), PuneUn-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Hindi60
438.6923Padmini College of Pharmacy, Atpadi, SangliUn-Aided60
439.6927S.S.P Shikshan Sansthas Siddhi College Of PharmacyUn-Aided, Linguistic Minority - Kannada60
440.6930Delonix Society's Baramati College Of Pharmacy, BarhanpurUn-Aided60
441.6931Samarth College Of Pharmacy, A/P Belhe, BangarwadiUn-Aided60
442.6932Dr Bapuji Salunkhe Institute Of Pharmacy MirajUn-Aided60
443.6933Sarsam College Of Pharmacy, PalshiwadiUn-Aided60
444.6934Pune District Education Associations College Of Pharmacy Hadapsar Pune Un-Aided60
445.6935Lokmangal College Of Pharmacy, WadalaUn-Aided60
446.6936Krishna Foundations Jaywant Institute Of Pharmacy Wathar Tal Karad.Un-Aided60
447.6937Fabtech College Of Pharmacy, SangolaUn-Aided60
448.6939Delight Institute of Pharmacy, Koregaon BhimaUn-Aided, Religious Minority - Muslim60
449.6942Shardabai Pawar Institute Of Pharmaceutical Sciences And Research, Shardanagar, BaramatiUn-Aided60
450.6943Vidya Niketan College Of Pharmacy, LakhewadiUn-Aided60
451.6951Mandesh Institute Of Pharmaceutical Science And Research Centre MhaswadUn-Aided60
452.6952Mahadev Kanchan College Of Pharmaceutical Education And ResearchUn-Aided60
453.6953Varvand Gram Shikshan Sansthas Eknath Sitaram Divekar College Of Pharmacy VarvandUn-Aided60
454.6954Shri Ganpati Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Tembhurni Un-Aided60
455.6956Trinity College Of Pharmacy PuneUn-Aided60
456.6957Ashokrao Mane Institute Of Pharmacy Ambap, HatkanangleUn-Aided60
457.6958Genesis Institute Of Pharmacy, RadhanagariUn-Aided60
458.6962Late Laxmibai Phadtare College of Pharmacy, KalambUn-Aided60
459.6963Riyajbhai Shamanji College of Pharmacy, GadhinglajUn-Aided60
460.6964Dr. Ashok Gujar College of Pharmacy, SolapurUn-Aided60
461.6965Shivraj College of Pharmacy, GadhinglajUn-Aided60